About Us


KemySolar Ltd is a fully a registered Company and established to deliver high quality Renewable Energy Services at affordable prices, but with quality standards, equipment, warranty and service levels associated with reputable international and ISO standards.

  • KemySolar PV modules are produced in China using the latest solar technology and high-quality materials backed-up with a 25-year warranty.
  • KemySolar is one of the first companies to introduce li-ion battery Powerwall to the sierra Leone market.
  • KemySolar offer flexible payment terms, 50% Down payment plus three different monthly installment plans to choose from to complete the balance 50%: options: A. Three Months, B. Six Months and C. Nine Months.
  • KemySolar works with clients every step of the way, from design, installation to commissioning.
  • KemySolar does free consultations, energy assessment and provides customized solutions based on client’s requirements.
  • KemySolar has certified Engineers and experts, providing safe and decent installations.

We believe that clean energy and related services are transforming communities, contributing to the development of local businesses and increasing wealth and prosperity. KemySolar is committed to making this a reality.

Installation of Fuse Box for 10KVA system at Regent/ Freetown/ Sierra Leone
Installation of Li-ion Batteries for 10KVA system at Regent/ Freetown/ Sierra Leone
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