KemySolar is an innovative and social enterprise company that offers a wide range of reliable, cost effective and world class renewable energy solutions. Our long-term working relationships with leading manufacturing companies coupled with our team’s strong execution capabilities enables us to deliver optimum system design for maximum efficiency and durability.

Since 2019, KemySolar has provided a win-win solution for homeowners, small businesses, schools, hospitals, and rural communities not only to generate their own power, but also reduces their carbon footprint and significantly cuts down electricity cost.

Our Vision

We believe that clean energy and related services are transforming communities, contributing to the development of local businesses, creating jobs, increasing wealth, prosperity, and livelihood.

Our values

Agile, inspiring, respectful, responsible, collaborative, and innovative

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Why Solar?

The sun is the world’s most abundant energy source. The world has seen rapid growth in the development of renewable energy in recent years, particularly wind and solar.

Technologies to harness energy from the wind and the sun have existed for centuries but as nations become more concerned about the threat of climate change, they are turning increasingly to clean energy solutions.

Solar technology is expanding at a breathtaking pace. Solar panels are going up on neighborhood rooftops, Irrigation projects, and massive utility-scale projects. Today these renewable resources are rapidly becoming the energy of the 21st century. In 2015, nearly half of all new power-generation capacity installed worldwide came from wind and solar energy.

Solar makes good economic sense. Homeowners, businesses, schools, and government buildings can save on utility bills when they install affordable solar technologies and solar + storage systems. Not only does it help the bottom line, but solar power is reliable, environmentally friendly – emits no harmful air pollution and helps us lower our carbon footprint.

The Dynamic Marketing Team
Street Lights in action, Lunsar
Abubakar and Albert, Members of KemySolar Tech Team
KemySolar Engineers in Action, Installation of 3.5 KVA at Lunsar
The illumination you get form a 10KVA System, Freetown
Top view of 10KVA System Installation at Waterloo
With the new addition to our fleet, we are reaching remote places with hope and happiness